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Purple Flower
Pink Blossoms Illustration




In her debut novel, Heaven Can Wait, B.D. Hendrix explores the whirlwind lives of two best friends.

     When Lola Jones is fired from Ace Nightclub, she decides to turn her attention to her first love: Fashion. But she’s broke, jobless, and sworn to a life of singleness and independence; without a man she can exploit to fund her dream boutique. At least until ex-boy-toy, William Rogers, a.k.a Romeo, proves to be willing to do any and everything Lola wants. Does she keep her vow to never get too close to a man and only use them for what they can offer? Or will she crack under William’s charming pressure?

     Azra McKinney is fed up, Jesus’ed out, and ready to act up. After living her life devoted to being the flawless Christian her grandmother raised her to be, she craves something more. Something new. Something wicked. Something like the handsome, alluring club owner, Genesis Struthers. Neglecting her Christian morals and living her life seemingly to the fullest, her rousing experiences will lead her beliefs, life, and identity changed forever.