Who In the world is B.D.?

My actual name is Bria Dayana Hendrix. I go by B.D. because I personally don't care for the way my first name looks on book covers. B.D. also gives somewhat mystery to who the author may be, which I love. I was raised in a small town of Wilmington, Delaware.


I began writing at an early age. Poems. Short stories. Lyrics. But whenever I'd create characters for my stories, I'd get caught up on creating them to be the way I desired them to be. So much so, I rarely got to actually writing the story. Now, that I am an author, I put great emphasis on making my characters complex, lovable, and real; all while making sure they have compelling lives and events to keep the reader turning the page.

What Inspired

You to become

an Author?


I've always been an avid reader. Throughout my childhood and teen years,

I've always had a book on me. But one thing I never thought I'd do was become an

author myself. This was not on my radar at all, until it was. Now, it's all I can see myself doing.


My love for reading came from my mother. But my love for writing came from the Lord. I had no idea that I had a gift of storytelling until one day--after writing short, pointless stories, with no purpose or intention on publishing--that the thought was placed in my head and my heart. Since then, I've been going strong and love every moment of it.

What do you want to accomplish being an Author?

My hope and desire is to incorporate my knowledge of psychology (Master's of Applied Psychology in Developmental Psychology) and faith in each book I publish. I want to encourage, enlighten, and intrigue readers with exciting but realistic stories that highlight mental health, faith, and simple common sense. I want people to relate to the characters and their feelings. I want my readers to not feel alone in whatever they may be going through. I also want to bring light to the fact that everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect. We are not our mistakes, shortcomings, or situations. We're so much more than that. And I hope that is felt through my novel Heaven Can Wait.